Exploring electoral reform in public, corporate and data governance

TAGDit is an online application developed by the True Democrats to explore an enhanced delegative democracy. When a vote is transferred a small value is added with each pass, this quantifies trust and social capital.


We are not free when there are millions of people out there that we could choose from to represent us, but instead are limited to only a couple of choices. The True Democrats have come into being so as to investigate a new system, with the only policy being to upgrade the existing structure of democracy. Join the True Democrats and let’s bring about the change to create true democracy. Simply download the form via the link below, fill, sign and send to us via mail.


Delegative/Liquid democracy is a powerful voting model for collective decision making. It combines the advantages of Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy and creates a truly democratic voting system that empowers voters to either vote on issues directly, or to delegate one’s voting power to a trusted party.

TAGDit has been developed to test and explore delegative democracy.


TAGDit uses a proxy voting system, which means people can transfer their vote to anyone they trust to best represent them.

Help us test different iterations of the new democratic system, so that we together we can reach true political freedom. Sign up to tagdit.com and join ‘The True Democrats’ group where we will be voting on issues of the day, using a transferable voting mechanism.

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One Unit of Social Capital

We use a physics, math and economics approach to derive a metric for social capital that can be used as a standard way to measure one unit of social capital. Exponential patterns are identified from big picture structure and then distilled into single units of social capital. We show that the current social capital measurement guidelines can be improved and suggest an alternate method. The complex phenomenon of social capital will be of much less use to use if we are unable to measure it. At some point in the future, social capital may turn out to refer to a key aspect of social physics that underpin both wider societal dynamics and person to person interaction.

Vote for a Better System

TAGDit enhances our political freedom at work and at home. Our software lets you transfer votes to whomever or whatever you want, enabling you to vote for people or for information.


Imagine if we could improve the economy and our quality of life just by enhancing our political freedom. With TAGDit, you can anonymously transfer a vote to anyone on the planet. This is political freedom. You have a say that counts.

TAGDit enables you to pose tough questions to your leaders and community…. and if you don’t know what to say or what to vote for, you can transfer your vote to someone that you trust.

TAGDit creates a simple, fast and collaborative way to have political freedom, create jobs, wealth and achieve dreams by giving you back your original rights and freedoms. We are politically free, and that’s the motivation for TAGDit.


TAGDit is Freedom. It is your human right to vote, and rather than being forced to vote for one out of two bad choices, now you have the freedom to transfer your vote to any one of the billions of potential people who could best represent you.

Not only is TAGDit a mechanism for political liberty, but it is also a platform for knowledge sharing within a group. TAGDit is a private database for groups where members can store, share and rank endless amounts of information in a transparent, fair and collaborative manner. It continuously grows, and as posts are added, updated and rated, the data is refined and prioritized through group voting. Relevant and high quality information can be easily found through the TAGDit search engine, making this centralized system a quick and simple way for groups to share and manage information. The analytics gathered through this process offer valuable insights that enable informed decision-making within the group.