What is TAGDit?

TAGDit is a web based social application for groups, with the key functions being:

  • To facilitate political freedom within a group

  • To store and share knowledge within a team

  • To build the strength, ingenuity and resilience of a group organism as its own entity

  • To support and empower the group’s members

This is achieved in a number of ways…

A Platform for True Democracy

TAGDit explores an enhanced form of democracy: delegative/liquid democracy. This uses a proxy voting system, which means people can transfer their vote to anyone they trust to best represent them.

On TAGDit any member can post a question to their entire group.

  • Each individual can then: Answer by selecting one of the multi-choice options, and respond with a comment – if they more to add.
  • Or they can pass their vote on to a trusted member to represent them, by answering on their behalf.

By viewing the results of multi‑choice answers and the comments, the groups wants, needs and opinions are easy to overview.

Information Sharing

What is the true interpretation of objective reality? Where is the value in information? Is it possible for one perspective to be omnipotent or will a team always be better? There is freedom and strength in knowledge, which is multiplied when knowledge is shared.

TAGDit is a private, shared database which members can collect and store information. This data is then easily accessible by the whole group and can be instantly found through the TAGDit search engine. The content is automatically prioritized as it is commented on, updated and rated, building an ever-growing, high quality bank of knowledge, which is an invaluable resource for the team.

TAGDit Measures Trust

Through the analytics on TAGDit one can measure trust – each transferred vote and each post rating is equivalent to a value of trust. This factor of trust highlights ‘champions’ of the various areas of expertise, enabling the team to get a much more accurate picture of where their human resource assets are.

TAGDit also uses this value when prioritising information. When a search query is entered, TAGDit sorts through all the content posted within the group’s database. This is filtered through key words and user ratings to find the most relevant and high quality results.