Introduction | The Democratic Quality Vector and the New Social Agreement

The Democratic Quality Vector and the New Social Agreement Introduction Our democratic voting system is heralded as one of the greatest achievements of modern civilization. Wars have been fought, blood has been shed and many have died to ensure our right to vote. Yet, we need not [...]


Canadian Home Management Practices and the Role of Government Health Services

Often, large companies and world powers make economics a problem of vast proportions. But little attention is paid to the micro-dynamics of daily life. Although motivations in terms of entrepreneurship, freedom, and empowerment appear in the discourse, at the same time, for the daily life aspects of home management practices are almost non-existent, or [...]


A Time Audit and the Vicissitudes of Time A Canadian Government Responsibility

The blatant abuse of another citizen’s time should be penalized. We consider the fundamental value of individual time, offer some examples, and suggest policy changes. Pending Your Content Goes Here The first to perceive and analyze the value of time in society was Karl Marx. In the first [...]


The Weaponized Canadian Civil and Family Legal System

The purpose of this essay is to present the thesis that the legal system as we know it today, is fundamentally fractured. It is incapable of meeting the needs of innocent democratic citizens to protect their individual human rights since the legal system only accurately contemplates the reparation of quantitative damage, not qualitative damage, [...]


Social Control Algorithm’s, Determinism, Freewill, and Psychometric Analysis in the Criminal Justice System

This article aims to defend the thesis according to which it is possible to quantify the psychological damage of a person. To do so, it proposes a hypothetical case in order to analyze a borderline situation. In this situation, it will be necessary to take into account two scenarios: (i) the legal scenario of [...]

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