Delegative/Liquid Democracy

Delegative/Liquid democracy is a powerful voting model for collective decision making. It combines the advantages of Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy and creates a truly democratic voting system that empowers voters to either vote on issues directly, or to delegate one’s voting power to a trusted party.


  • If a pipe burst, would you vote on how to fix it? Or would you transfer your vote to a plumber?
  • If your header had a crack, would you vote if it should be fixed? Or would you transfer your vote to a mechanic?
  • If your friend had an itchy rash, would you vote on how to treat it? Or would you transfer your vote to a doctor?
  • If you needed a new hard drive for your computer, would you vote on which one it should be? Or would you transfer your vote to a computer technician?
  • If your country needed to fix its legal system or weed out corruption, would you vote on how to fix it? Or would you transfer your vote to someone else? And if you did transfer your vote, would you transfer it to any old plumber, mechanic or doctor? Or would you transfer it to someone you trust?

The True Democrats are testing a new system that would allow you to transfer your vote, encrypted, to any neighbor, friend, celebrity, community leader or any of the millions of Canadians that can help.


Proxy voting is a form of voting whereby some members of a decision-making body may delegate their voting power to other members of the same body to vote in their absence, and/or to select additional representatives. A person so designated is called a “proxy” and the person designating him or her is called a “principal”. Proxy appointments can be used to form a voting bloc that can exercise greater influence in deliberations or negotiations. Proxy voting is a particularly important practice with respect to corporations; in the United States, investment advisers often vote proxies on behalf of their client accounts.
Source: Wikipedia

Study showing that Proxy Voting improves quality of outcome by up to 40%


Spanning politics, history, progress, revolution, as well as biology, sociology, mathematics and even psychedelic drugs, The Democratic Quality Vector weaves together a spellbinding tale of how humanity’s quest for truth has ended in the crisis now facing modern democracy. The book concludes with innovative maths research based on 6D spacetime that introduces the new technologically-inspired concept called the Democratic Quality Vector (DQV), this has the potential to change the way we understand truth and also create a new system that can address the vulnerabilities of modern democracy using proxy voting.