The Democratic Quality Vector and
the New Social Agreement

The Preferential Math of the Universe

Our wide-ranging exploration of symmetry as found throughout all scales and dimensions of the universe, and specifically throughout biological nature, has led us to notice the ubiquity of power laws such as Kleiber’s law. Called Newton’s Laws of biology by some, these invariant laws of nature show relationships between heartbeat, metabolism, blood flow, and more throughout all warm-blooded organisms. These have been used powerfully for many decades and based on that evidence; we surmise that such power laws can be extrapolated to serve as a basis for a theory of human psychometrics. After we show you how to do that, we will describe how to represent human intuition and social capital under the same mathematical framework. This is a powerful tool that will allow us to measure the cohesion that bonds living beings together in social networks that make up the social superorganism. Hold on as we offer a simple, and intuitive, description of the new symmetrical mathematics of 6-dimensional spacetime.

The fundamental premise of 6D mathematics is that the physical world can be represented by a 6-dimensional spacetime consisting of 3 space dimensions and 3 time dimensions. To the layman, this is length, width, and height with an equal and opposite time1, time2, and time3 instead of just one directional arrow of time. This symmetry of physical variables was inspired by observation of the many symmetries observed in nature, as we have previously spoken about. With it, we hope to derive the exact power laws (Kleiber’s Law) that can serve as the basis for a new human psychometrics, intuition, and social capital.

Currently, we have no physical interpretation of the extra two time dimensions, but that does not stop us from postulating them. This lack of physical intuition does not pose a severe problem because the history of mathematics is replete with numerous examples of non-physical mathematical objects which were later validated. The lesson learned from history was to separate the mainstream interpretation of symbols from new and useful formal mathematics systems. The historical rejection of mathematical symbols based on their current mainstream or common-sense interpretation has consistently impeded the acceptance of mathematical truths for years, decades or even centuries. Later on, it is a new interpretation that validates the once objectionable mathematics. In mathematics, examples of initially rejected concepts that were then established include imaginary numbers, irrational numbers, infinitesimals in mathematics, heliocentrism, quantum mechanics, and relativity in science.

Simple, elegant laws in 6D flat spacetime projects to complex mathematics in 4D curved spacetime

Simple, elegant laws in 6D flat spacetime projects to complex mathematics in 4D curved spacetime

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