How TAGDit Works

TAGDIT is a shared database that enables groups to build a knowledge base of information that can benefit everyone in the team. It is also a voting platform for enhanced democracy within groups.

Internet Search Engines


In a typical organization, employees perform search queries through a normal web search engine. The relevant search results are stored in isolated data silos and scattered in links in emails, browser histories and documents. This lack of sharing significantly degrades team performance.

Creating database from search queries


When a group uses TAGDit, members input content or save webpages to that TAGDit database. This information is then stored for easy access by the whole group and can be instantly found through the TAGDit search engine. The content is automatically prioritised as it is commented on, updated and rated, building an ever-growing, high quality bank of knowledge, which is an invaluable resource for the team.

How Search Results Work


When a search query is entered, TAGDit sorts through all the content posted within the group’s database to find the most relevant and high quality results. These have been filtered through key words and user ratings. The champion on the specific topic can also be found, this is based on what relevant information they have inputted and the feedback received from the group on this content.

TAGDit questions and vote transfers


On TAGDit any member can post a question to their entire group. Each individual can then:

  • Answer by selecting one of the multi-choice options, and respond with a comment – if they more to add.
  • Or they can pass their vote on to a trusted member to represent them, by answering on their behalf.

By viewing the results of multi‑choice answers and the comments, the groups wants, needs and opinions are easy to overview.

TAGDit Measures Trust

Through the analytics on TAGDit one can measure trust – each transferred vote and each post rating is equivalent to a value of trust. This factor of trust highlights ‘champions’ of the various areas of expertise, enabling the team to get a much more accurate picture of where their human resource assets are. TAGDit also uses the value of trust when prioritising information. When a search query is entered, TAGDit sorts through all the content posted within the group’s database. This is filtered through key words and user ratings to find the most relevant and high quality results.


TAGDit creates a “Giver” culture, which significantly improves team performance. It easily becomes part of the team’s daily workflow and enables them to instantly share what they learn with their colleagues. Not only does TAGDit offer information sharing through webpages, it also provides a platform for communication, where questions can be posted for discussion.

Groups that use TAGDIT can engage with individuals and identify the culture of a group. Knowing a group’s culture allows the leadership to implement effective organizational change to maintain alignment with its market.